Mindfulness: A web-based masterclass



Like many of my loyal followers, I expected my e-book CoyneoftheRealm Takes a Skeptical Look at Mindfulness to be available by now. Though I’m disappointed that it is not, I’m pleased with the progress that has been made and how I have redefined the structure of the e-book.

My progress

Signs of the direction I am now taking with the e-book can be seen in recent blog posts at Mind the Brain and Quick Thoughts, but also in popular talks like the one I gave at this summer’s European Health Psychology Conference in Padova, Italy.

Coyne of the Realm Takes a Skeptical Look at Mindfulness  traces the claims being made about the practice of mindfulness back into the scientific literature in an inimitable style, wittingly challenging conclusions of bad research, but ultimately leaving readers with strategies for judging mindfulness for themselves.

The revised structure now involves discussion of some key papers in detail and provides readers with additional papers they can analyze themselves, with or without the tips I provide.

Feedback I have received suggests this format is a much improved way of providing tools for deciding for one’s self what, and how to think about mindfulness.  The outpouring of new mindfulness papers with even more outrageous claims about changing lives by changing brains continues. If you believe the social media, mindfulness is getting quicker and more powerful. Now you will be prepared for the pitch being made by promoters and be able to take apart what is being claimed and with what evidence.

Sample Chapters

Some basics of evaluating evidence

5. What are the best forms of evidence?

6. Observational studies: correlation does not equal causality

7. Evaluating comparisons of treatments

8. Evaluating reviews

9. Who says so? Importance of promoter bias and conflict of interest

Better than what? Evaluating comparisons between mindfulness and its alternatives

10. Typical clinical trials evaluating mindfulness: Some good, mostly bad

11. Head to head plus: Unusually informative mindfulness trials

12. Some clinical trials for you to evaluate (with hints)

To express my appreciation to those who preorder the book early, I would like to offer a special invitation as well as a free gift. By year’s end, my 100 minute video Master Class on mindfulness will be available for purchase. Although it will sell for $100.00, anyone who has purchased the CoyneoftheRealm Takes a Skeptical Look at Mindfulness book by November 10 will be receiving an email containing a code for a free Mindfulness Master Class video.

In addition, if you preorder the e-book CoyneoftheRealm Takes a Skeptical Look at Mindfulness before November 10, you will  have an opportunity to submit questions to a pool from which those will be drawn to be addresse in a Q&A session at the end of the video.

So,  preorder the mindfulness e-book or the full set of three Coyne of the Realm Takes a Skeptical Look at… and then submit your nominations for questions to be asked in the Q&A session to james@coyneoftherealm.com.


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