An appeal: Please don’t send your old statistics books to the landfill

I so admire the folks who throw so much energy into the supercourse, passing out candles to light the world and maybe save it from some bad epidemiology and statistics.

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Learn more about it here.

I am reproducing a recent appeal I received from them below

Statistics books are not fake news or alternate facts

However, they need to be used.

Friends we now have 40 people who have agreed to share their statistics books with the Library of Alexandria and developing countries. We would like to encourage you to especially tell your friends on the road to retirement, or who have retired.

Do you want your books to end up in a Landfill like this?


As I have aged I have collected over 2000 novels. I randomly selected 10 that I had not read in five years.  I could recall very little, I suspect that this might be the same with your statistical books.  There was a fabulous poem called forgetfulness by Billy Collins.  Please look at it and think that most books we read from over 10 years ago have fallen into the magic oblivion called “forgetfulness”. If we have forgotten them and will not use them again, why not help others to learn.

Yes as we age, we have forgotten much.  But we has teachers and research have not forgotten how to give back to our future generations of researchers.  Now with the BA Serageldin Euclid Library, we can “give back” to the future.

Boxing your statistics books is simple, you can hire your niece you will have to do this anyway when you retire.  The cardboard boxes are inexpensive, and shipping only costs ~$0.50 per book, and is probably tax deductible.

A day will come where your chairperson knock on your Door.

Dear Dr. LaPorte, we have just hired 2 assistant professors, and they will need your 4 x 5 meter office, you can sit in Room 287 with another retired professor in your 2 x 3 foot office.  What will you do with your books? Will it be the landfill above? Or will your books reside next to Euclid in the Library of Alexandria, below.

“No one has ever become poor by giving”  (A. Frank)

More information –

The procedure is simple, but we only are taking research methods (statistics, big data, epidemiology) books for the Serageldin Library of Alexandria. Math-stat books are fine, but not pure math, biochemistry…etc. Also, we are not collecting any journals.
1.  Identify books you would like to donate (both new, and books of the 20th century
2. Box them
3. Include in each box the name of the people donating, and a dedication if you would like
4.  Please send the books via media/ book rate to the warehouse
5. The window will be about 7 days for the warehouse. We will inform by newsletter.

Contact Us if you would like to be in our donors list.


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